Experts in custom solutions to protect all your interests.

We carefully study your case and provide the level of security that best suits your needs.

If you are a VIP, then you are fully aware of the threats. You need our help to prevent attacks to your devices, systems and reputation.
Because not everyone is equal to Hackers, and they know who you are.


The best team of experts in cyber security

We are a team of intelligence ex-officers and engineers experts in cyber security.

We have more than 40 years of agregated experience in data forensics, encryption, interception of communications, mobile threat analysis and response, mobile communications and secured sotfware development for mobile devices.

We used the best tools in the world to take care of all your security needs, and protect you from the huge risks hidden in cyberspace.


We rely on top of range solutions from the best experts and companies in the field to ensure maximum protection of all your interests.

We are fully committed to the excellence and confidentiality that our VIP customers demand.


Data and communications.

hacker one binary background

Malware detection

Protection against virus and trojans.

virus detected

Intelligence Reports

Full reports of individuals, companies and other entities.

business man running anti-virus

Online Reputation

Monitoring of Social Network and Internet content.

Online reputation

Cyber - Security

Consulting, risk assesment, training and control center.

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Data Forensics

Data forensics, data recovery and fraud detection.

data forensics and fraud detection


Trust and Discretion


Our clients are VIP. Many are company executives, high rank politicians and famous people that store very sensitive information inside their mobile devices, and their communications must be kept secret. They are fully aware of their risks as main targets for hackers.

We provide them with the highest level of protection against these attacks, with full confidentiality.

We are the only company that carefully evaluates the needs of every client and provides a customized solution that fits the particular needs.


The threat is real. Do not rely on generic solutions, if you need top security for your mobile devices and communications. Contact us and we will provide exactly what you need.

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